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[ARTICLE] Beast’s Yong Jun Hyung Couldn’t Sleep After the Last Episode of ‘Discovery of Romance’

Watching dramas like the rest of us, the B2ST members had a thorough discussion about KBS’ recently ended drama, Discovery of Romance.
On October 16, B2ST participated in Naver’s Star Cast, Soon, 12:30 ahead of its album comeback. During the live talk, the B2ST members were asked what they do at 12:30 AM.
“I’ve been watching dramas. I watch Japanese dramas, and most recently, Discovery of Romance,” answered Son Dong Woon. “Han Yeo Reum nuna… I really want to be Kang Tae Ha.”
Joining the conversation, Yong Jun Hyung added, “I watched the last episode yesterday, and I couldn’t fall asleep.” Son Dong Woon sympathized with him, saying that the heart fluttery moments kept him awake.
As Yong Jun Hyung felt sorry for Sung Jun’s character, Nam Ha Jin, Son Dong Woon said that Han Yeo Reum was the bad one, making Yong Jun Hyung disagree. As the two members started going into a debate about the drama, the other B2ST members broke them up, telling the two members to discuss it outside of the live broadcast.
B2ST will return with its new album Time on October 20.

[ARTICLE] BEAST visits six cities for guerrilla event

Yoon Doojoon, Jang Hyunseung, Yong Junhyung, Yang Yoseob, Lee Gikwang and Son Dongwoon of BEAST made a surprise guerrilla date event today!
Not only in one place, but each member went to six different cities in the country.
Bringing “561 Project” as the celebration for their fifth year debut anniversary, six members of BEAST, became one with their fans, B2UTY.
Seoul Hongik University area, Daejeon’ Eneungjong Gori, Gwangju’s Chungjangro, Busan Seomyeon, Chuncheon Dalkgalbi Road and Jeju Island City Hall were the place that the members visited today.
Not only sending their greetings to fans, members also did high-touch event and other fan services.
During their anniversary yesterday, the group held an online fan meeting event with Naver starcast and sang their upcoming title track, “12.30″, for the first time to public.
BEAST will return with special seventh mini-album, “Time”, this October 20.